West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi Guaranteed Tough Tug-o-War Dog Play Toy Review

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bumi If your dog is anything like mine, you might be looking for a high quality dog chew toy that will last.  When I first brought my puppy home, I had a mountain of toys for her to play with.  Within a week, I was down to my last tug or war string – the rest of the toys were destroyed…

After reading a couple reviews online about different “Tough” toys, I came across the West Paw BUMI toy.  There were great reviews, and a lot of dog owners claiming that they were some of the toughest toys they had ever seen.  I pessimistically added the toy to my cart, and thought “Hey, maybe it will last a couple days instead of a couple hours.”

When they toy arrived I pulled at it myself and my original thought was “Oh boy, I just wasted my money, this thing will be gone in seconds…” I gave it to my dog, and watched as she tried to rip it apart… and she couldn’t… I watched her try desperately to chew through they toy for what must have been an hour before I took it away to examine it.  It didn’t have as much as a scratch or dent in it!

Fast forward to a week later of constant chewing, and she managed to create a slight rip in the toy.  I was originally worried, but after I tried to increase the size of the rip, I couldn’t.

bumi-west-paw-toyFast forward a couple months later, the rip in the rubber had grown to approximately 50% of the toy’s diameter.  At this point I was too worried to leave the toy with my dog, so I decided to cut off the torn piece.  It took me a good half hour with a sharp knife to remove the piece. It was much harder than I anticipated…  I gave the rest of the toy back and let her continue to play with it.

I have now had my dog for over three years, and the West Paw BUMI toy is still around.  I have had to cut one additional piece off, but the rest is still intact.

To give a bit of reference on other toys she plays with, if I give her one of the rope tug of war dog toys, it is shredded within an hour.

The only thing preventing this toy form a 5 star review is the fact that I find it hard to play with my dog using it. I find it too small, and slippery when it gets wet.

You can buy the West Paw BUMI toy, and see other toys on the West Paw Website.

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West Paw BUMI toy review

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  1. I also have one of these. My dogs not a huge chewer, but it is in the same condition now as it was when I bought it a year ago. Great toy.

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