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Kong ToyThe Kong dog toy is a classic, but is it really all it is made out to be? We took a Kong toy and put it to the test, here is what we found.

It is incredibly durable. If your dog is like mine, they chew through toys like they are made of butter. I put some treats inside the Kong Classic toy, and my dog chewed on it for over an hour without putting so much as a dent in the toy.

No treat no interest.
Without a treat, your dog might ignore the Kong Classic toy. When playing with my dog I used the Kong Classic as a ball for fetch, and as a chew toy, but if I leave it around without a treat inside my dog ignores it. The Kong Classic doesn’t squeak, it doesn’t move around, and isn’t very entertaining.

It doesn’t float.
One draw back for dog owners who want to use the Kong Classic toy as a fetch toy at the beach, or anywhere with water is that the Kong Classic does not float. It makes sense because it is very tough and dense, but it is not something you want to bring with you for a trip to the lake.

One Job.
The kong Classic is really designed to have one job & that job is to entertain your dog with a treat. Don’t expect this to be your dogs favourite toy unless it has a treat inside, but when you put some peanut butter, or some bacon grease on the inside, your dog will happily chew on the Kong Classic for hours.

Easy to clean.
Another great part of the Kong Classic is how easy it is to clean. Because it is so simple, you can easily scrub it down in your sink. If you have a dishwasher, the Kong Classic is also top rack safe!

Kong Dog ToyOur Recommendation.
If you have a dog, you should have a Kong Classic. At it’s price point, the Kong Classic is an easy choice. It is relatively cheap for a dog toy, and it will give your dog years of enjoyment.

You can buy a Kong Classic at most local pet stores, and online from Amazon where it has over 5,000 positive reviews!

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