When This Puppy Caught Parvo, They Didn’t Know If She Would Make It. Now She Is Back Home And Healthy.

This is Lila, she is a 10 week old puppy who was adopted last week. When her owners brought her home, they noticed that she was feeling under the weather, and she was acting strange for a puppy. When she started to throw up they knew something was wrong.

When Lila’s adopted owners took her to the vet she was diagnosed with CPV, also known as the Parvo Virus. The Parvo virus is a very dangerous virus, especially for young puppies under 4 months old. If a puppy catches CPV, their survival rate is approximately 80%, less if it is not diagnosed in time.

The vets say Lila was very lucky to be brought in when she was. If her owners waited even a day longer, she likely would have passed away before treatment could begin. Lucky for Lila, she was brought in as soon as her symptoms started to show, and she was able to be medicated and put on an IV drip right away.

Lila spent a full eight days in intensive care before she started showing signs of improvement. It was always touch and go, she would get a little better, than become sick again. Her owners were devastated thinking they might lose their new puppy. But even as their vet bills climbed and they took out a loan to cover the costs, they visited her and sat with her daily to show their support, and Lila kept fighting.

Lila is lucky to have such caring parents. She was able to sense their support and she fought through the sickness to be one of the lucky 20% of puppies who survive.

Lila’s owners have set up a go fund me campaign where they are trying to raise enough money to cover part of the loan they took out to save Lila. So far they have raised a total of $2280 to help pay their vet bill. https://www.gofundme.com/46bkb08

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