When Her Son Desperately Needed A Friend, Mom Burst Into Tears When She Saw The Dog’s Reaction

Pets can make our life much easier. Many of them are loyal, loving, and even notice when we’re going through a hard moment.

In a video shared by his mother, a young boy named Hernan sits in the ground with a Retriever named Himalaya.

You can tell that Himalaya cares about Hernan as she tries to get his attention and constantly wags her tail.

Even though Hernan is not really in the mood to play anymore, the dog isn’t giving up yet and keeps showing him some love.

Suddenly, Hernan gets interested in Himalaya’s snout as he grabs it and moves her around a bit, but Himalaya doesn’t seem to mind and keeps playing with the boy. What a great dog!

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Hi, my name is Emma, and I am an animal rights activist. I absolutely love my pets, and would do anything to protect them. I truly believe that everyone should have a pet in their life, and that pets should be treated just like family.

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