Warning – These dog treats contain plastic!

pedegree bone marrow 2 This is a warning to all dog owners. I have been purchasing these dog treats for my dog for over a year now and thought they were good high quality treats. I was wrong. I recently broke apart one of the treats to add to my dogs food and found plastic splinters inside the treat. I thought it may have just been a one time thing, but then I broke appart another and found the same. I opened a separate bag from a separate lot and again found the same thing.

These treats have small white/clear plastic splinters inside of them. Do not feed them to your pets!

On closer inspection I found a pattern with each treat. It looks like they are using a plastic line to feed the bone marrow through the treats. The line is half melted and that is why it looks like splinters. They are intentionally putting this garbage into their dog treats!

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Hi, my name is Emma, and I am an animal rights activist. I absolutely love my pets, and would do anything to protect them. I truly believe that everyone should have a pet in their life, and that pets should be treated just like family.

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