Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

noThe Answer

In short, if you are wondering if your dog can eat turkey bones, the answer is no. Although you might originally think dogs like bones, turkey bones can have sharp edges which can hurt your dog.

More Information About Turkey Bones For Dogs

turkey boneBecause of how sharp turkey bones can be, they can cut or stab your dog’s tongue, gums and other areas of his/her mouth. If the dog swallows a turkey bone it can also become lodged in it’s digestive tract. Turkey bones are also very brittle, this leads them to easily splinter off into small pieces as your dog chews on them.
These small splinters can become impaled in your dogs mouth and can cause an infection.

Are All Poultry Bones Bad For Dogs?

DogIn short, yes, poultry bones are especially dangerous for dogs to eat because they are much weaker than other types of bones, which means they can splinter easily. Poultry bones are different than other types of bones because they are thin and crack easily. When a bone cracks it leaves a sharp edge, and because of their small size, the bone can easily become impaled in the dogs mouth and gums.

Cooked Bones For Dogs

DogYou should not give your dog any type of cooked bone, turkey or otherwise. When bones are cooked they become more brittle than when they are raw. Any type of bone, when brittle, can splinter and cause your dog harm.

In Conclusion

You should not let your dog have turkey bones, or any type of poultry bones. If you do want to give your dog a bone, you should give them a raw bone, because they are less likely to splinter.

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One thought on “Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?”

  1. Thanks, I would not take the risk of giving any small bone to my dog. I do give my dog beef rib bones, and she loves it.

    I think turkey bones are too small, or at least for my German Shepard dog. I wonder if the size of your dog should be taken into consideration when deciding on what type of bone to give.

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