Can Dogs Eat Seaweed?

yesThe Answer

In short, if you are wondering if your dog can eat some seaweed, the answer is for the most part yes, however, watch out for beached seaweed. Beached seaweed that has been dried out by the sun can cause blockages in your dogs digestive tract once swallowed.

As you can see in the video below, some dogs love the taste of seaweed.

More Info About Seaweed For Dogs

dogDogs need vegetation in their diets, and seaweed is one way for your dog to consume some. Seaweed is known for its restorative properties. It helps to repair tissue, and can help give your dog a healthy shiny coat. Most seaweed is high in vitamin B12, and is rich in fatty acids that help growing dogs. Seaweed also contains nutrients such as omega-3, magnesium and iron.

Beware Sun Dried Seaweed

beached seaweedMost seaweed is not inherently harmful for dogs, however sun dried seaweed can harm your dog. Seaweed acts similar to a sponge, it expands when wet, and shrinks when dried. Because of this, if seaweed is beached, and is dried by the sun it is a fraction of its original size. If your dog consumes the seaweed in this state, it will expand as it reached your dog’s stomach. If your dog eats too much it can cause a blockage. Blockages in a dogs digestive tract can be fatal, and may require surgery.

How Much Seaweed Can My Dog Have?

seaweedSeaweed should not replace your dog’s meal. You can use seaweed as a supplement in your dog’s diet, but you need to give it to your dog in moderation. Like with many foods, dogs should not be eating seaweed consistently. If your dog picks up some fresh and wet seaweed at the beach and eats it, you do not need to worry. If you are making some sushi, and have a leftover seaweed roll, you can give it to your dog without worrying. The amount of seaweed your dog can safely have depends on your dog’s size, and the type of seaweed. It is best to consult with your local vet to find out how much your dog can safely eat.

Seaweed Nutritional Information

seaweed kelp100g of Seaweed has the following nutritional information:
Calories: 43
Fat: 0.6g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 233mg
Potassium: 89mg
Protein: 1.7g

In Conclusion

dogIt is ok, and can be healthy, for your dog to occasionally have some seaweed. You should however only give seaweed in moderation, and never let your dog eat sun dried seaweed. Seaweed can help give your dog essential nutrients, and can help maintain a healthy coat on your dog.

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