Can Dogs Eat Quinoa

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?

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In short, if you are wondering if your dog can eat quinoa, the answer is yes. If you give your dog quinoa ensure that it is cooked. Also ensure that it is not mixed with spices.

More Information About Quinoa For Dogs

quinoaIf you plan on introducing quinoa to your dogs diet, you should begin with a small amount of quinoa. Since dogs are not used to eating quinoa, it can cause an upset stomach when first introduced to your pet. Quinoa is a very rich source of carbohydrates and proteins. This makes quinoa a healthy additive to your dogs regular diet.

Positive Properties Of Quinoa For Dogs

dog 14Quinoa has many positive properties, and is known to prevent heart disease, prevent cancer, and reduce the risk of diabetes. It has a high protein content, and contains nine essential amino acids. It is also a good source of iron, magnesium, vitamin b12, and fiber. Being low in fat, and cholesterol free, it can be a healthy additive to your dogs diet.

Negative Aspects Of Quinoa For Dogs

dog 13Quinoa is rich in oxalates which can be harmful to both dogs and humans. Dogs that have food sensitive allergies, have an autoimmune issue, inflammatory issue, or who are on antibiotics should not eat quinoa as it can lead to a buildup of oxalates in their system. That being said, if your dog has a healthy and well functioning digestive system, the oxalates in quinoa should not harm them.

Quinoa Preparation For Dogs

quinoa 2If you would like to prepare quinoa for your dog, ensure that you prepare it without adding any spices. Sometimes quinoa is cooked with spices that can be toxic to dogs. Before giving any quinoa to your dog ensure that you look up all the spices used in making it in order to make sure that none are toxic for dogs.

What Is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a seed, although many people believe it is a grain. It is known as “the gold of the Incas” because of its healing properties.

Quinoa Nutritional Information

One cup of quinoa is approximately 185g.
One cup has the following nutritional information:
Calories: 222
Fat: 4g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 13mg
Potassium: 381mg
Protein: 8.1g

In Conclusion

Quinoa can be a healthy food for dogs. That being said, it should not be used to replace your dogs regular food. If you would like to mix some quinoa into your dogs bowl to add flavor, and to add nutrients you can. If you wish to significantly alter your dogs diet with quinoa, you should first consult your pets vet.

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3 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?”

  1. I am a vegetarian. That means I eat a lot of very healthy foods. Quinoa is one of the super foods I eat all the time. It is amazing! I am glad to know that I can give my dog some as well!

  2. I thought quinoa was a grain this entire time… Look at that, do some research about your dog, and learn something new that you thought your knew…

  3. Good to know not to give spiced quinoa to dogs. I usually make mine with garlic, so I’ll make sure that if I decide to give some to my dog I will make a separate unseasoned batch.

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