Can Dogs Eat Papaya

Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

yesThe Answer

In short, if you are wondering if you can give your dog papaya or not, the answer is yes, you can safely give you dog Papaya.

The Benefits of giving your dog papaya to eat

papayaPapaya is in fact rich in fiber which in turn helps to reduce digestive problems in dogs such as bloating and flatulence. This fruit has a wide variety of vitamins and minerals which are extremely beneficial to dogs and humans alike.

Papaya provides dogs with calcium, magnesium, potassium, folate, fiber, vitamin K, vitamin E, vinamine A, and vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals are very beneficial to the health of dogs, strengthens their immune systems, and can assist in the growth of a younger pup as well.

Papaya has also been linked to reduced heart problems in canines, as well as providing more energy to the dogs who consume it.

What kind of papaya can your dog eat?

dog 6Dogs are able to eat papaya in a variety of forms. In fresh papaya, the peel and the seeds of the fruit should first be removed, prior to feeding the papaya to your dog.

Dehydrated papayas are also edible for dogs, however it is important to keep in mind that since dehydrated fruits are richer in sugar, dogs with diabetes should avoid dehydrated papaya.

Dogs may also take papaya enzyme tablets which are a supplement that have a similar effect of giving your dog fresh papaya. These tablets may be purchased in several pet stores as well as health stores.

Do dogs enjoy eating papaya?

dog 4As with humans, all dogs have different tastes and preferences in foods, although the vast majority of dogs do enjoy the taste of papaya. If your dog does not eat papaya when you feed it to them, do not be alarmed as he or she simply does not like the taste. On the other hand, if your dog gulps down the papaya without hesitation, it likely means that your dog really enjoys eating papaya and finds it delicious.

A quick summary about papaya:

Papaya is a tropical fruit which is shaped like an elongated melon. It has an edible orange flesh and contains several small black seeds. Papaya is native to warm regions of the USA and is widely farmed, both for eating and for papain production.

Papaya Nutritional Information:

papaya 2A standard papaya is 100 grams.

A 100 gram serving of papaya will have the following nutritional properties:
Calories: 44
Fat: 0.3g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium 8mg
Potassium 182mg
Protein: 0.5g
Carbohydrates: 11g

In Conclusion

Papaya is an excellent fruit which you can feed to your dog. It has several health benefits and can be fed to dogs safely. However, as with anything, it is important to feed your dog papaya in moderation.

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9 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Papaya?”

  1. Man my pitbull loves papaya! I feed it to him almost every day! He randomly will gulp it all up but on other days Max will just sit there slowly eating the delicacy!

  2. Hey, thanks for the information. I like to give my dog home made snacks. I am glad I read this… I eat papaya quite often, so I can give my dog some now too!

    1. You need to be careful with cooked papaya that was made for humans! Make sure none of the spices you used are toxic for dogs to eat! Some may be!

  3. I absolutely love eating papaya with my dog! I will cook a nice plain meal for the two of us, set the table on special occasions and together the two of us feast under candle light! It’s so romantic!

  4. I eat a lot of papaya, and my daughter just got a puppy. Now when she goes to work she drops off the dog to stay with me… I guess I became the dog sitter for her.. Good to know I can share some papaya with the dog.

  5. This fruit also has some essential common wellness positive aspects as well. As a result, below are some well being rewards of the papaya fruit:Eye Well being Rewards: According to a review carried out by the Archives of Ophthalmology taking in at minimum 3 servings of fruits a day which includes fruits this kind of as Papaya can support to reduce your hazards for the age associated eye disease macular degeneration. Moreover, this sweet tasting fruit also is composed of the vitamins A, C, and E important anti-oxidants useful in enhancing eyesight and protecting eyesight health.

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