Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows?

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In short, if you are wondering if your dog can eat marshmallows, the answer is yes, marshmallows wont harm your dog, but becuase they are high in sugar, they are very unhealthy.

More Information About Marshmallows For Dogs

marshmallowsAs long as you are not giving your dog a large quantity of marshmallows, marshmallows are not harmful to dogs. They are not toxic, however because they are high in sugar, if a dog eats a large amount they can get sick. If your dog eats too many marshmallows they can begin to vomit and they can get diarrhea. Depending on the size of your dog, if they ate a lot of marshmallows, and have severe vomiting or diarrhea, you should bring them to a vet.

What If Your Dog Ate Marshmallows?

dog 11Depending on the quantity of marshmallows, and the size of your dog, you may want to take them to see a vet. If your dog ate a large quantity you can expect your dog to vomit, and have diarrhea. Make sure you keep an eye on your dog, and make sure you keep its water bowl full. If your dog only had one or two marshmallows, your dog should be fine. If you think your dog ate too many marshmallows, keep an eye on it.

Should You Give Your Dog Marshmallows To Eat?

dog 12In short, no. Although a small amount of marshmallow wont harm your dog, it is very unhealthy, and it is not advisable for you to give any to your dog. If your dog is begging you while you are eating a marshmallow, and you want to give your dog something it can enjoy, you should really look for something else.

Marshmallows Are Not A Healthy Treat

Although some people suggest you use a marshmallow in order to hide dog medicine (a pill) in order for the dog to eat it, there are other ways of hiding it. You should not feed your dog items that are high in sugar. A standard marshmallow contains 23 calories, if you give your dog marshmallows on a regular occasion it can lead to your dog becoming obese.

What Is In Marshmallows?

marshmallows 2The main ingredient in marshmallows is sugar. Other ingredients include corn syrup, gelatin, and vanilla extract. The marshmallow is usually coated with cornstarch or confectioner’s sugar. These ingredients are not harmful to dogs, but they are not healthy at all.

In Conclusion

Although small amounts of marshmallow will not harm your dog, you should not be giving your dog any. Marshmallows are high in sugar which is unhealthy. If you dog did sneak in and grab a marshmallow, you do not have to worry. If your dog ate a large amount of marshmallows, you should take it to the vet.

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5 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows?”

  1. I am worried, my dog just ate half a bag of marshmallows. I had them on the ground by the campfire, when I looked down I saw hey were gone. My dog took the bag down the hill and was eating them… He is a German Shepherd, fully grown. He probably ate around 10-15 marshmallows. Should I be worried?

  2. I have to admit I did not know they were unhealthy… I always eat them as a snack when I watch TV, and I sometimes give to my puppy… Thanks for the info!

  3. I have campfires with my dog all the time, and he constantly gets into the bag of marshmallows. Yesterday he managed to get the entire bag of marshmallows before I saw him and stopped him… He usually only get a couple…

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