Can Dogs Eat Limes

Can Dogs Eat Limes?

noThe Answer

In short, if you are wondering if your dog can eat limes, the answer is no. Citrus fruits like limes and lemons can be very dangerous for dogs.

More Information About Limes For Dogs

limeUnfortunately, there are many videos on the internet that show dogs eating citrus fruits. Although these videos seem cute, and harmless, they are actually endangering the lives of pets. The ASPCA lists limes as being toxic to dogs, listing possible side effects of lime consumption as vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and potential photosensitivity. Unfortunately, over 85% of dog owners do not know that citrus fruits can be dangerous for their four legged friends.

There is a compound in limes called psoralen, this compound is found most heavily in the skin and leaves of limes. This compound, if ingested by dogs, can cause the effects listed above.

If you have limes in your house, or you have a lime tree, make sure to keep your dog away.

My Dog Ate A Lime, Now What?

sad dogIf you let your dog lick a lime, or if your dog had a small bite of a lime, chances are they will be ok, however you should monitor them.

The symptoms of lime toxicity in dogs are:

  • overall lack of energy and stamina
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea

In general, you will notice that your dog is not feeling well.

sad dog 2If your dog had a large amount of lime, you may consider bringing your dog to a vet. You should do this as soon as possible, even before any symptoms emerge. A vet will be able to treat your dog so that your dog can repel the lime. This will diminish the effects of the toxicity before it has had a chance to make its way into your dogs body.

Dog Size And Lime

Depending on the size of your dog, they will be able to process out the toxins found in limes. While big dogs will have a higher tolerance level, even a small amount of lime can make a small dog very ill.

Citrus In Limes And Other Fruits

lime2In general, the ASPCA has warned about giving dogs any type of citrus fruit. The compounds that are found in many citrus fruits can be very toxic for dogs.

The top two citrus fruits that are harmful to dogs are limes and lemons.

In Conclusion

lime sliceIf you were thinking about filming a cute video of your dog licking a lemon or a lime, you should not do it. Lime can be very dangerous to dogs, especially to small dogs.

If you see someone giving lime to their dog, you should inform them that it can be very toxic, as most pet owners have no idea.

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I have owned dogs my entire life, and could not live without them. I adopted my dog Daisy three years ago, and she brings joy and happiness into every day. I enjoy making home made dog treats for my baby, and I take care to make sure my dog has the best food possible!

4 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Limes?”

  1. OMG! I had no idea. I actually made a video fo my dog licking a lime, and now I feel like the worst person ever.

    Thanks for sharing this. I will make sure to let all my friends know so that they don’t make the same mistake I did.

  2. I have heard that for a long time. I heard that the juice was not too bad, but the pulp, seeds, and skin were very harmful.

  3. My pit puppy and ole english bulldog grabbed 1 that fell on the ground. I expected a dumb face n walk away. Instead they loved it, faught over it and got mad when i took away. That was 24 hours ago and they ate everything but a couple pieces of skin. Now they keep goin back 2 where they got it looking 4 more. I live in florida. Plz i need honest info y they are bad 4 them. Thank u

    1. Hi Shantell,
      Limes can be very harmful for dogs. Especially the seeds. You should keep an eye on your dog and teach your dog not to eat them, similar to how you taught your dog not to chew on furniture.

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