can dogs eat grass

Can Dogs Eat Grass?

yesThe Answer

In short, if you are wondering if your dog can eat grass, the answer is yes, grass wont harm your dog, but it will cause an upset stomach if too much is eaten.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

grass 2If you are watching your dog eat grass, you may be wondering why your dog is behaving strangely by doing so.  Dogs are  omnivores, which means they can eat both plants and meats. Although grass is not a typical food for dogs to eat, around 80% of dog owners have reported seeing their dog eat grass.There are a variety of reasons that dogs eat grass.

dog 8Upset Stomach
Although some people argue that dogs eat grass in order to help an upset stomach, this theory has been disproved. It was shown that less than 10% of dogs showed any symptoms of an upset stomach before eating grass. The upset stomach and vomiting dog owners observe is actually caused by the grass.

dog 7Boredom
The main reasons dogs will eat grass is because they are bored. When bored, dogs often find destructive means to entertain themselves. Ripping out grass from the lawn, and digging holes is a common way for dogs to entertain themselves. Many dogs who are bored will simply want to chew on something, and if they are outside they will chew on grass (especially long grass).

Its Tasty
Some dogs enjoy the taste of grass. Because of its unique taste, some dogs enjoy chewing on it.

Do dogs enjoy eating grass?

Dogs often do not eat grass for enjoyment (although some do enjoy the taste).  Most dogs will chew on grass, and rip out grass from the lawn out of boredom.

Can Dogs Digest Grass?

No, a dog does not have the enzymes required to break down and digest grass. This means if they eat small amounts it can simply pass through them, however when eating large amounts, they vomit.

Herbicides And Pesticides On Grass

grassAlthough the grass itself is not harmful to dogs, if your lawn has been treated for weeds using herbicides and pesticides, they may be toxic to your dog. Many herbicides and pesticides that are commonly used on grass are especially dangerous for small er animals. A small dog will have a much lower tolerance than a large dog. If you notice your dog is behaving very strangely after eating grass that may have been treated with a herbicide or pesticide, you should go to a vet.

Dogs Eating Grass And Vomiting

grass 3If your dog is vomiting after eating grass, it is a normal reaction to eating too much grass.  This vomiting is what lead people to believe that dogs eat grass because of an upset stomach.  This was proven to be false, as it is the grass that leads the dog to have an upset stomach.  If your dog eats a small amount of grass it will be perfectly fine, however like other foods, too much can lead to an upset stomach.  

Should You Give Your Dog Grass To Eat?

In short, no you should not.  If your dog plays with grass, and eats some it is ok, but you should not be intentionally feeding your dog grass.

In Conclusion

Dogs can eat grass, although eating grass can cause your dog to start vomiting.  You should really try to teach your dog not to eat grass, and stop the behavior when you see your dog doing it.

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I have owned dogs my entire life, and could not live without them. I adopted my dog Daisy three years ago, and she brings joy and happiness into every day. I enjoy making home made dog treats for my baby, and I take care to make sure my dog has the best food possible!

6 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Grass?”

  1. I cannot stop my puppy from eating grass. Whenever we go outside she starts ripping out grass and eating it. I keep removing it from her mouth and saying NO. but She keeps doing it. Anyone have any suggestions?

    1. When your dog eats grass like this, it probably wants to play with you and thinks that grabbing grass is the only way to get your attention. Try getting an outdoor toy for your dog, and when you go out with your dog, keep saying NO! when your dog goes for the grass. Then give your dog the outdoor toy and say Good Girl! Teach your dog that she will get positive attention for playing with the toy. Your dog will like the positive attention more, and will start going for the outdoor toy instead of the grass.

  2. Interesting… I thought that dogs ate grass because of an upset stomachs. I thought that they ate grass in order to through up and feel better. It is interesting to know that that was proven to be false…

  3. Every dog I have ever had has eaten grass. My current dog actually goes out and grazes on grass like a cow would…

  4. I believe grass is good and maybe alkaline? I have observed over the years in my dogs that they chew the grass very well for some kind of health maintenance and not because their sick. It maybe their instinct to do so for certain reasons only known to them. Other times I see that when they do want to vomit, for some reason, they especially chew the grass less and a lot of it and pick out long strands for this job. which helps them to vomit. One time I found that there was a piece of raw bone that they had trouble digesting in the grassy vomit. Looks like they know what to do.

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