Can Dogs Eat French Fries

Can Dogs Eat French Fries?

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In short, if you are wondering if your dog can eat french fries, the answer is no – but it wont hurt them if they eat it once. The french fry itself is not particularly harmful to your dog, however the high quantity of salt and oils makes french fries very unhealthy for dogs.

More Information About French Fries For Dogs

french friesFrench fries themselves are not necessarily harmful to your dog, however when they are cooked, they are often high in salt and oils. This makes them a very unhealthy snack (for dogs and for humans). Unlike humans, dogs should have a very low sodium diet. French fries are very fatty because of the oils used to cook them. If a dog eats french fries regularly they can become over weight which can have major health implications. Since your dog will eat almost anything you give to him or her, it is your job to ensure you give them healthy foods.

My Dog Ate French Fries, Now What?

french fries If your dog happened to eat some french fries it is not the end of the world. The reason dogs should not eat fries is that they are very unhealthy. That being said, if they only eat a couple fries once, you do not need to worry. If your dog has eaten a lot of fries at the same time, you should keep an eye on him or her. Make sure to fill up your dogs water bowl, and if they start to behave strangely take them to a vet. Eating a large amount of french fries will likely result in your dog having a stomach ache, passing gas, and can result in diarrhoea.

French Fries Are Fatty

The oils that are used to fry french fries are high in fat. This makes them a very unhealthy treat for dogs. Dogs will not be easily be able to break down the oils found in french fries, and thus if they eat them it can cause stomach aches.

French Fries Are High In Salt

saltMost french fries are covered in salt to add flavour, because of this they are very high in sodium. Dogs should have low sodium diets, making french fries very unhealthy for consumption. Although most dog foods do contain salt, they are in very low amounts. You should not give your dog any food that is high in salt.

Begging For Fries

dog beggingIf your dog is like most dogs, you are thinking about giving your dog some french fries because he or she is sitting by you looking at you and begging. If this is the case, you should know that your dog really will not appreciate the taste of a french fry, and would appreciate a dog treat much more. If you feel the urge to give your dog something as you snack on your fries, it is a better idea to reach into their cookie jar and grab them a safe snack.

In Conclusion

french fries 3You should not give your dog any french fries, no matter how much your dog begs you. As a dog owner you are responsible to make sure your dog eats healthy, and maintains a healthy diet. Your dogs diet should not include french fries. If your dog happened to grab a french fry off the table, or the floor, you don’t need to worry, but try not to make it a regular occurrence.

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6 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat French Fries?”

  1. I gave my dog some fries and I was like super worried… but then I read this… and I was like WHOA… and now I will not give my dog more, but I now know that he will not like die or something like that, so thanks.

  2. I find it amazing that people even ask this question. French fries are bad for humans, why would you even think of giving them to your dog?

  3. I THOUGHT SO. My friend was giving my dog fries, and she said it was ok cuz she always gave her dog french fries. I told her it wasn’t so we had a deal to look it up. I knew it!

  4. This is super helpful. I don’t know why anyone would give their dog a lot of french fries, but I will try not to give my dog any when she is begging for them. I like the idea about giving her a treat from her cookie jar. At least that way I wont feel guilty 🙂

  5. Just don’t take your dog to a McDonald’s and start feeding it their fries. They are super salty and greasy. Probably the most unhealthy fries on earth.

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