Can Dogs Eat Edamame

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

yesThe Answer

In short, if you are wondering if you can give your dog edamame, the answer is yes, dogs can eat edamame, but it is not recommended…

Edamame with seasoning

If you have seasoned edamame it could be dangerous for your dog. If it was seasoned make sure to look up the seasoning as well to make sure

More Info About Edamame For Dogs

dog 4Although your dog will likely eat any edamame beans that are given to him or her, it is not a good idea to give your dog a lot. Although edamame has not been shown to have long term negative effects, it can have unpleasant short term effects on your dog.

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I have owned dogs my entire life, and could not live without them. I adopted my dog Daisy three years ago, and she brings joy and happiness into every day. I enjoy making home made dog treats for my baby, and I take care to make sure my dog has the best food possible!

6 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Edamame?”

  1. BEWARE OF THE GAS!!!! My dog got into a plate I had out and OMG did my apartment smell bad afterwards… Must of been farting non stop for the entire night. My advice is if your dog eats any, make sure you crack the window!

  2. Whenever I have any, I usually give my dog one or two of the pod (shell) things. I don’t notice any bad gas, but its really not much. He really likes it.

  3. Thanks, my dog just ate an entire plate of raw edamame beans… I guess I now have to prepare myself… At least they were not covered in salt.

  4. Sometimes I give my dog a couple edamame beans in her food. I heard that it is high in protein and it is healthy for the dog.

    1. A couple beans can be good for your dog. They are high in protein which is good, but too much will give your dog an upset stomach. If your dog needs more protein I would recommend something other than edamame.

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