Can Cats Eat Apples?

yesThe Answer

The basic answer is yes. However it is important to keep in mind that the complete answer is not that simple, as there are certain conditions to take into consideration.

Apple Cores and Rotten Parts

cat 1While the answer is yes that cats can eat apples, it is important to note that its is not okay to simply give your cat the parts of the apple that you would normally discard in the garbage.

Apple cores are harmful, even for humans. This is especially true in large amounts, as the seeds contain small amounts of cyanide; which is a dangerous poison to both humans as well as our feline friends. While the odd seed here or there many not be harmful, you should always remove the apple core and its seeds. And just as you do not eat rotten apples, please do not feed this to your cat either.

How Much Apple is Safe for Cats?

apple on treeAs with any food , moderation and tolerance is important when feeding apple to your cats. Too much apple could upset their stomach, resulting in diarrhea. Always test with small amounts and only increase to a level of tolerance.

Benefits of Apples

apple slicesThere are many nutritional benefits of feeding your cat apples. It becomes a great occasional healthy and tasty treat when given in moderation to your cat. In addition to fiber which lowers cholesterol build up, which can in turn lower the risk of heart attack or stroke; they also contain calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

Is Apple Skin Safe?

cat 2Apple skin is also nutritional and contains anti-oxidant properties which can reduce the risk of cancer. Unfortunately pesticides on the skin can increase the risk of cancer. Therefore whether consumed by humans or cats, you should always wash apples well. In addition, there are other beneficial properties of apple skins, such as reducing the risk of obesity, promoting healthier lungs, and its ability to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s by aiding in the repair of tissue damage in the human brain. It would be amazing if these properties also transfer over to the Felidae (cat) family.

Organic Apples

bowl of applesIf you can afford the additional cost of organic (where pesticides are not directly sprayed), and can tolerate a few worm holes here and there, it is the better choice for you and your cat. Keep in mind that even organic apples may have wind blown pesticides or be prone to run offs with pesticides from adjacent orchards. Always wash fruits including organic ones. Washing also considerably eliminates many other harmful things that may be found on the surface of apple skins.

Conclusion Regarding Apples for your Cat

cat 3Do not feed your cat apple cores which contain harmful seeds, or rotten portions of apples, or unwashed apples. Feed apple only in moderation to a tolerable level. If you constantly feed your cat apple it can become habit forming, and the cat will expect to receive it as an everyday treat Vary your treats to make things more interesting.

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  1. I take my cat now and then to the vet. He mentioned that when trying out new foods that they should be given in small amounts to first establish if my cat may have an allergic response. I believe that your readers should also keep this in mind.

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Can cats Eat Apples

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